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Special Projects & Activities

To exercise our most basic human rights, including the right to live and speak honestly and with dignity, the Association is open to volunteer work that is educational, edifying & mutually respectful, in what could be described as a parallel open society. Check out how you can get involved if you so choose.

Dancing Hands



Open especially to university students and retirees. While this is no guarantee to a successful career in political economy, it is an opportunity to explore a path by direct involvement in courses, research, events or special projects.


Community Education

We love to get involved in grassroots spurred political economic development because, like a nation, a community's essential and fundamental source of wealth is its people. Both nature and capital require the application of labour -- physical and intellectual -- to create value.

Colorful Homes


Meet Ups

Join in on groups on Meet Up such as Deepen The Conversation where we talk about current events, Global South Forum where we discuss global cooperation from the bottom up and Philo Agora where people take a more philosophical approach to the human situation.


High School Certificate Course 

Participate in our strategic intention of developing political economy as an HSC (high school certificate) course. We foresee it as an instrument to foster a genuine concern for social justice, the enhancement of human dignity and the fostering of mutual respect starting from youth. 

Students In Uniform
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